Exploit the full potential of the Internet by finding your target clients and converting them from website visitors to paying clients.  

SEO SOLUTIONS provided by Contextum Support Corp.

Contextum is a Latin word that means “closely joined” or “interwoven”.
Contextum is a Canadian company with its staff operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


We assist a select group of professionals to attract their dream clients to their web sites by ensuring their web sites are optimized to attract these clients.  We assist professionals to exploit the full potential of the Internet by finding their target clients and converting them from web site visitors to paying clients.

Our clients are typically professionals who can justify the cost of our services by bringing in just a few new clients per year that they would not have otherwise done business with.  The type of professionals that can justify paying for our expertise include:

  • Mortgage brokers;
  • Lawyers; and,
  • Fee for service health care professionals.

We commit to each client that we will not work for any of their competitors by agreeing in our contracts that we will provide our services to them on an exclusive basis in their geographic market area. For example, if you are a mortgage broker in Calgary, we would not perform services for any other mortgage brokers based in Calgary.  If you are a cosmetic surgeon in Vancouver, we would not perform services for any other cosmetic surgeon in Vancouver or in its vicinity.

There are two benefits to this commitment that we make to our clients.  First of all, you are assured that we have your best interests in mind and have no conflicts. Secondly, this approach focuses us on becoming experts in certain areas as we tend to get clients offering the same services in very different markets.


You probably have heard of the acronym “SEO”.  It stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a fancy term that describes the act of configuring the content of your web site so that it conforms to the rules and protocols that are used by Google, Bing, and other search engines and directories which people commonly search to find content on the web.

When doing a search on Google, you may have noticed that thousands of results are generated. You may have wondered how Google determined which sites get listed on the first page and what the companies do to get on that first page.  You probably have also wondered how to get that prized first or second listing on the first page.

One of the keys to achieving top rankings is by incorporating top keywords/phrases within a site’s content that people are typing into a search engine.  However, if you overemphasize a certain key word, you can actual lose your ranking or be delisted by a search engine if they consider you to be “abusing the system”.  It is the art of writing the right content that includes the correct balance of key words that will assist you in optimizing your rankings.


  • Website Ranking Report
  • Website Content Analysis & Keyword Research Report
  • SEO Copywriting & Page Optimization
  • Ongoing Analysis & Tuning
  • Pay Per Click Programs (PPC)


We will generate a report that lists your ranking for commonly searched phrases.  You will be able to determine how strong your listings are with Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as any industry directories that are relevant to your business.


The analysis outlines how your current website can be improved with explanations as to why you are not ranking.  This report also analyzes your competitors’ websites and pinpoints where they are successful and what you can do to match or exceed their success.  We will also generate an in depth keyword report which suggests a list of keyword/phrases that you should add to your site.


Once your keywords/phrases have been chosen, we will re-write or create new content for your site. Our copywriting services are mainly for but not limited to:

  • Rewriting or editing existing content on site (i.e. about us, home page, etc.)
  • Adding or renaming subpages (e.g. URL adjustments)
  • Creating a company blog
  • Inserting relevant computer coding (e.g. Meta keywords, alt image tags, header tags)


Once you have adjusted your website to achieve better rankings, you need to continually monitor key words and consumer search trends and make adjustments to your site to keep it optimized.  We can provide you with this service for very reasonable monthly fees.  Our monthly service includes an emailed report of your current rankings, as well as recommended adjustments.


PPC is a method of achieving top rankings by paying for a top listing in the paid section of Google and other search engines.  These search engines reserve space at the top of the first page for companies that wish to pay to have a top listing.  Although many people don’t know about paid listings, many people are aware of paid listings and avoid them.

The beauty of paid listings is that you only pay if someone clicks on the listing and the search engines have ways of ensuring that a competitor cannot keep clicking on a listing to “drain” your budget.  In addition, you can also monitor the success rate of paid listings by documenting how many people that visit your web site arrive there from a pay per click listing.

We can help you try various pay per click campaigns with a limited budget to determine their effectiveness for your business.

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