Email with built in Server side Spam and Virus filtering… 

Secure Email Hosting

OneStopNetworks Bermuda offers full-featured POP3 / IMAP and Web mail accounts to use with your registered domain name. (click here to register your domain)

The accounts let you send and receive e-mail messages using a Web browser or e-mail client software (such as Microsoft Outlook).


  • Offers an inexpensive way to get a personalized e-mail address and
    full e-mail services with your domain name.
  • Lets you send and receive e-mail anywhere in the world where you
    have Web access.
  • Gives you a permanent e-mail address and account that doesn’t
    change if you switch Internet service providers.
  • Lets you automatically answer incoming messages with a predefined
    message when you’re on vacation. (out of office replies)
  • Allows you to customize the look of your outgoing messages and
    add personalized signatures.
  • Works with E-mail Forwarding services. E-mail Forwarding can still act
    as a “catch all” for messages sent to names other than the mailbox.
    Free ComAgent download to simplify your email management
    (for web mail).
  • We scan your email for viruses before it reaches your computer using
    MDeamon Antivirus Software


Our email services are available to all of our clients who host their web site with OneStopNetworks.
Email accounts are included in all of our hosting plans.
Additional Email accounts are available in addition to any web hosting plan.

We Take Virus Protection Serious

MDaemon AntiVirus protects your network from email viruses, worms and trojans. Based on the reliable Kaspersky virus scanning engine, MDaemon AntiVirus helps to ensure that your email arrives free from viruses. Because it is integrated with MDaemon on the server instead of residing on your users’ personal computers, viruses are stopped before ever reaching individual users on the network.

Available add-on’s

We offer a selection on add-on’s such as

  • ActiveSync
  • Outlook Connector
  • ComAgent App


Our fees will depend on the amount of mailboxes you need,  the mailbox size and optional add-on’s.

Please contact us for a quote.