The next-gen of hybrid is now here with Tribrid backup.

Secure Cloud Backup

Tribrid backup introduces 3 storage types; Instant, Cold and Local Storage, where businesses can select where to backup each data type and the software handles the rest automatically.

Instant Cloud Storage60%
  • Instant Storage: Robust cloud storage based on the secure and reliable Amazon S3, used to store mission critical data that needs to be accessed on demand. 
Cold Cloud Storage82%
  • Cold Storage: Based on Amazon Glacier; serves as inexpensive cloud storage suitable to store large amounts of data that is rarely accessed. 
Local Backup Storage93%
  • Local Storage: By enabling Hybrid+, we can create a local copy of backed up files for faster recovery time; by prioritizing recovery from the local repository over the Instant and Cold Storage. 

With Tribrid Backup, businesses can now save thousands in storage costs while having all files protected and recovered without any limitations.

Secure and reliable

The Software encrypts your data before it leaves your machines with military level 256-AES encryption, transferred to the secure and reliable Amazon S3 servers using 256-AES encryption and stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers.

Secure cloud backupWe use the enterprise level, secure and reliable Amazon S3 Data centers. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability.

This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and the Joint Commission.

No Limitations

Unlike other services, we does not cap bandwidth upload/download speeds nor does it set upload/download file size limitations. You can use quality cloud backup feasible for all businesses.

Save space and bandwidth

All files are checked for Machine level and organization level deduplication to ensure faster backups. Block level backups are taken for large files, and file retention is done either by number of days or number of versions.

One Solution for everything

You can backup computers, laptops, netbooks, Windows Servers, Mac computers, and any external or network storage attached to your computers.

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