Let us be your IT Department – We have been Offering Computer support for over 18 Years.

Secure Remote support

We use GoToAssist (Citrix Technology now LogMeIn) the #1 Leader in Remote Support

GoToAssist Remote Support is a cloud-based service that enables support professionals to resolve their customers’ technical issues using screen sharing, mouse and keyboard control and other tools. Individual IT pros or teams can deliver fast on-demand support.

Security & Technology

Our IT services platform is designed for maximum security and reliability.

GoToAssist users can rest assured that all their data – and their customers’ data – is safe.

Built for Maximum IT Management Security

All GoToAssist data is fully encrypted end-to-end using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and government-approved 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption combined with RSA public/private key encryption. Our tiered server architecture stores all data two tiers away from the Internet. Access is through a mediating application server.

End-to-end authentication is accomplished using the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. SRP is resilient against a wide variety of attacks, including both passive eavesdropping and active password cracking.

To join a GoToAssist support session, you need:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003, 2012; or Mac OS X 10.4 (Snow Leopard) or newer
Internet Explorer, Chrome,Mozilla Firefox 3.0, or Safari 3.0 or later
56 Kbps or greater connection (broadband recommended)
Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections or availability of an HTTP proxy or a SOCKS server

How it works

  1. After you call 1stopnetworks IT Support
  2. We Invite Customer to a Support Session by going to our website
  3. You login using a support Key provided.
  4. A small java based download will start.
  5. Depending on your Operating System you might be asked for permission to install and run the program
  6. You will be asked to grant the technician access to your Computer.
  7. All remote sessions will be fully visible to you and you have the ability to end it at any time.