Standard email isn’t good enough for your important messages  

Track your important emails and know precisely when they’re delivered and opened.

Legal Proof®
Prove email delivery, time of delivery, and exact content with a Registered Receipt™ email record that’s automatically generated with every RMail® message.

Easily encrypt sensitive emails and attachments for security or legal compliance.

Electronic Signoff
Accelerate legally-binding sign off on documents and agreements with our simple-to-use electronic signature feature.

Large File Transfer & More
Send documents and attachments up to 200MB with the LargeMail™ option.
Insert private notes visible only to cc’d/bcc’d recipients with the SideNote® option.
Automatically convert documents to PDF, and more.


Save Money
Reduce costs associated with paper, printing, courier & postal delivery, legal fees, and labor.

Save time
Sending with RMail takes just a couple of seconds. That beats fumbling with a fax machine or driving to the post office.

Peace of Mind
With standard email, delivery is uncertain. Your Registered Receipt™ record proves delivery, time of delivery, and exact content.

Comply with Privacy Laws
RMail lets you comply with digital privacy laws and other delivery requirements, with automatic proof of compliance for every email you send.

Improve Communication
Registered Email™ technology is like eye contact for your email correspondence; it’s much easier to communicate when you know you have your recipient’s attention.

Grow Your Business
When your business communicates faster, better, and more cost-effective, the sky is truly the limit.


  • Use with your preferred platform – whether that’s Outlook, Gmail, RMail Inbox, or one of many supported.
  • Use your existing email address.
  • Send it to anyone. There’s no requirement for your recipients to have any special software whatsoever.
  • Get started immediately. The RMail service is easy to set up and intuitive to use.

With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all.

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