Managed Mailing List Services

Build, manage and grow your mailing list

Mailing list management is a core feature and one of the most important activities in email marketing.
Importing, copying, updating, removing subscribers are every day tasks. Mailing lists help you organize your subscribers according to your marketing or communication needs.

  • Create as many mailing lists as you need. A subscriber can belong to one or more lists.
  • You have utilities to add/remove/copy subscribers between lists.
  • You have simple and advanced search for subscribers.
  • Mailing lists can be set as public/hidden. When hidden they do not appear in the Subscriber center.

Double opt-in

  • Also called confirmed opt-in.
  • Double opt-in is a legal requirement in several countries.
  • Verification at list level: a subscriber may have confirmed for one list but not for another.
  • To comply with anti-spam laws, the time and IP are recorded when a subscriber confirms.
  • You have several utilities to manage unverified subscribers, send reminders and more.

Many ways to import subscribers

  • Import from csv or txt files with field mapping.
  • Import plain email lists via copy-paste into a box.
  • Import from external databases or data sources (mySQL, SQL Server). You can save these connections for frequent imports. You can set-up a cron job to periodically synchronize your mailing lists with these external data sources.
  • Simply add one subscriber at a time.

Improve subscriber experience with custom landing pages and greeting emails

  • You have complete control of the subscriber experience with custom landing pages and greeting emails.
  • The “Welcome”, “Goodbye”, “Confirmation-required” pages and emails can be set-up by you the way you like. You can also define redirect URLs to send the subscriber to your own pages.
  • The “Welcome” and “Goodbye” emails can be switched on/off.
  • The subscriber center is like a mini-site where the subscriber can log in, update his personal information and lists selection.
  • You have a Privacy page that you may customize as you like.

Opt-outs management

  • 3 types of opt-out links:
    • List opt-out
    • Global opt-out
    • Update your account or Subscriber center

  • The html editor has a special button to insert these links. You have complete control of the wording of these links. You can also use images.
  • Optionally you can ask subscribers the reason for opting out and this is saved and you can see it in your administration panel.
  • All opt-outs are saved in the opt-outs table in detail.
  • In addition when a subscriber voluntarily opts-in using a form in your website he is automatically removed from the opt-outs table.
  • Every time you import subscribers you have options to exclude those who opted-out in the past.


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