“How does one find a suitable domain name?”

Domain Name registration – A Business Essential

In today’s business world, a domain name and a web presence are a must for most companies.
This raises the question: “How does one find a suitable name?”

Please consider the following when choosing your domain name.

  • Your name should help you stand out from the crowd and reflect who you are and what you are trying to accomplish as an organization.
  • Decide Who You Are. Of course your first and perhaps best choice may be your corporate name.  Unfortunately, if you have a common corporate name, this may not be an option.  Your name should match the attributes or services of your company that you want to promote.
  • You should be conscientious not to make your name too restrictive.  A restrictive name may discourage potential new customers from doing business with you.  For example, a client in California may not be interested in the consulting services of “East Coast Consultants.”
  • Know Your Competition.  Pick the top three companies that do what you do and look at their domain names.   You may wish to pick a similar name or be contrarian and select something completely different.  Either way, the process will be beneficial to you.
  • Keep It Simple and Short. Domain names should be easy to spell, pronounce and hear.  In addition, the longer your name is, the easier it is to misspell.  If your customer misspells your domain name, they can’t find you online!
  • Keep the future in mind.  After spending significant money to develop your web site, you will probably not want to change your domain name in the future.  Be careful not to use a name that is trendy today, but that will make you look archaic in the future.

We are currently offer domain name registration for the following top level domains. (.com .net .org .info .biz .us .name, and .bm*).

Price per year by domain, we will manage your domain to make sure it is renewed.

.com, .net. .org, .info, .biz, .pro,  – domains are $ 19.95 per year

 Bermuda Domain Name registrations (.bm)

.bm – domain registrations are $ 100.00 (for the first year)
.bm – domains renewals are $ 65.00 per yearn (restrictions apply)

We reserve the right to charge a small management fee for .bm domain registrations and renewals.

NOTE: You have to be a Bermuda resident, registered Company / Organization or Charity to qualify for a Bermuda Domain Name registration.

Managed Domain Name registration, renewals and transfers.

We can manage all your Domain Name registrations, renewals and transfers for you. We will deal with the registration authorities in your behalf and simply invoice you.

Please contact us for info and pricing.