BMA Operational Cyber Risk Management Code of Conduct 2022

BMA Operational Cyber Risk Management Code of Conduct 2022 The Bermuda Monetary Authority (‘BMA’) published its Operational Cyber Risk Management Code of Conduct (‘Code’) for CSPs, Trust Companies, Money Service Businesses, Investment Businesses, and Fund Administration Providers (Relevant Licensed Entities or ‘RLE’) on 15 March 2022 and RLE are required to comply by 15 February […]

Threatening Messages Being Sent Electronically

The Bermuda Police Service said they are “aware of threatening messages being sent electronically, [e-mail, social media], to members of the public.”

A police spokesperson said, “Recipients are being threatened with having their online activity made public unless they purchase varying amounts of cryptocurrency within a stipulated time period and return it to the person sending the threatening message, usually within 24 hours.

Scam Alert

Police Warn Again About Social Media Scams

The Bermuda Police Service is once again reminding residents to “remain vigilant regarding social media scams.”

A police spokesperson said, “Once such scam currently in circulation is the mystery shopper scam, where local Facebook users are offered employment as a secret shopper and enticed by the opportunity of earning thousands of dollars simply by accepting funds into their personal bank account.

“Other Facebook users seem to validate the scheme, by commenting that they’ve personally earned in excess of $70,000 within a few weeks.

“If a local resident does sign up, they will usually receive between $1,500 and $5,000 into their personal bank account and are informed that they are allowed to keep 10% as payment for their mystery shopper services.