Police Warn Again About Social Media Scams

The Bermuda Police Service is once again reminding residents to “remain vigilant regarding social media scams.” A police spokesperson said, “Once such scam currently in circulation is the mystery shopper scam, where local Facebook users are offered employment as a secret shopper and enticed by the opportunity of earning thousands of dollars simply by accepting funds into their personal bank account. “Other Facebook users seem to validate the scheme, by commenting that they’ve personally earned in excess of $70,000 within a few weeks. “If a local resident does sign up, they will usually receive between $1,500 and $5,000 into their personal bank account and are informed that they are allowed to keep 10% as payment for their mystery shopper services.
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RA Warns Of Online MovieFlix SignUp Scam

The Regulatory Authority is warning people about an online scam, with an article claiming that Netflix ‘lost thousands of Bermudian users this week because of the new competing service,’ and urging people to sign up for MovieFlix, with the RA explaining that the scam is actually “designed to steal credit card details.” The RA said, “The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda is today [Aug 8] warning consumers to be aware of the latest internet scam to arrive in Bermuda. MovieFlix, an online movie service is featured in a Facebook ad, and will reportedly deliver identical streaming service to that of Netflix, free of charge.
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Warning: Fileless Attacks Are Rising

Warning: Fileless Attacks Are Rising Ever heard of fileless attacks? This is malicious code gets a foothold on your server. Not through a certain file or a document, but by infiltrating the server RAM. Thus, exploiting various processes and vulnerabilities of the server software. They can do this via vulnerable web applications, specially formed requests, and so on.
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